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Online Payments for Stormwater Industrial NPDES permits and Stormwater Construction NPDES permits



This page accepts permit fee payments for permit numbers beginning with "NCG0", "NCG1", "NCG2" or "NCS" (Stormwater Industrial NPDES permits), and "NCC" or "NCZ" (Stormwater Construction NPDES permits).

This page does not accept permit fee payments for:

  • Initial application fees for coverage under industrial stormwater General Permits, which must be in the form of a check made payable to DEQ. (Initial fees are accepted by e-payment for NCG01 or NCG25 construction general permits.)
  • Permits issued by other DEQ programs. To pay permit fees for another program, please visit the DEQ ePayments web page DEQ ePayments web page and select the applicable permitting program.

Please enter the Stormwater Permit Number for which you want to pay the permit fees. All open and overdue invoices will be displayed for the permit number entered below.

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Pay online with a MasterCard, Visa, America Express, or Discover credit or debit card:  CreditCards

  • A convenience fee is charged by a third-party provider for all online payments made by a credit or debit card. DEQ does not receive any portion of these fees associated with this service.
  • The fee is currently 2.65% of the amount paid for credit cards, and a flat fee of $3.95 for all debit card transactions.
  • Your card will not be charged until after you have accepted the convenience fee amount. If you choose not to pay the fee, you may cancel the transaction and pay by another method.
  • If you accept the convenience fee and elect to continue, your credit card statement will show two charges; one for the amount due to DEQ, and one for the convenience fee. This fee is not refundable once you accept the fee.

Pay online with the electronic transfer of funds from your bank account (eCheck): eCheck

  • No processing fee is charged for using the eCheck payment option.
  • You will need to have your bank routing number, your account number, and the name as it appears on the account.
  • North Carolina General Statute 105-357 provides that a penalty of $25.00 or 10% of the amount of the check OR electronic draft (eCheck), whichever is greater, will be charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds. Payments are null and void if payment is made with a check that is returned unpaid by the bank.

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You may pay any of the following invoices with a credit/debit card or an eCheck bank transfer.
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If you have any questions regarding an invoice, billing, or the ePayment System, please contact Tev Holloman at (919) 707-3649.