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NCDEQ UST operating permits can be renewed online in TWO steps:

  • If you are renewing your annual UST operating permit GO TO STEP 1
  • If you need to pay tank fees for a new UST installation then GO TO STEP 2
  • If all tanks at the facility are in Temporary Closure then GO TO STEP 2



Go HERE to obtain a copy of the UST compliance questionnaire.

COMPLETE, SIGN, and DATE a questionnaire for each UST facility you will be renewing (be sure to answer each question and complete each field at the bottom of the questionnaire).

EMAIL the completed questionnaire(s) to WITH the receipt you get from STEP 2.

Questionnaires may also be submitted by fax to (919) 715-1117 or mail to DEQ-UST, 1646 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1646, Attn: DWM UST Section, but processing times are shorter by email.

Before proceeding, do you have a completed questionnaire ready to submit?



Please enter a Facility ID in the entry field. Account information will be retrieved and displayed below for your verification. Be sure to SAVE your receipt so you can email it along with your compliance questionnaire to

Enter Facility ID:   (Input format: 00-0-0000000000)

Verifying Facility ID and retrieving account information...



Facility ID:  
Facility Name:  
Small Tanks:  
Large Tanks:  
Balance Forward:  
Current Amount:  
Prorated Fee:  
Retroactive Fees:  
Late Penalties:  
Balance Due:  


You may pay with a credit/debit card  CreditCards,
or with the electronic transfer of funds from your bank account (eCheck)  eCheck


Proceeding to the ePayments processing site...


Should you have any questions regarding billing or the ePayments System, please contact the Registration and Permitting Group at 919-707-8171, option 1 or email